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Toolkit 6 — Shipped on CD

Toolkit 6 — Shipped on CD
for Windows
Toolkit 6 allows you to quickly analyze promising stocks and manage your portfolio. Developed for both novice and experienced investors, Toolkit 6 stock analysis worksheets, and its own unique portfolio management tools that make it easy to monitor fundamental changes in your existing holdings with alerts and color-coded highlights. The program can automatically download and update ten years of historical data and prices from the Internet (via StockCentral's data subscription, available separately).

Please check our hardware and software requirements before ordering, to make sure Toolkit 6 is compatible with your system.

Click here to purchase the program bundled with the manual.

This is a copy of the software on CD, and additional shipping charges apply.
Click here to purchase a serial number to activate the downloaded demo version of the software instead.

New User On CD: $189 + $6.95 S&H
Via first class mail.
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