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Are you ready to switch to the world's most popular website for investment club accounting and operations? Club treasurers and members alike will appreciate the many unique features that offers -- tools that you won't find in many other club accounting programs -- along with significant cost savings! To help with your research, here's a comparison of Bivio vs.

For more details, and to make sure your club is ready for the switch, we encourage you to download and read our document on Key Differences, Support Policies, and Questions you might have when getting used to the system.

To assist you in your move, offers a free Club Concierge service designed to get your club up and running most efficiently. Our customized assistance will make sure your existing data is transferred accurately from your Bivio club and that you and your club members have all you need to get comfortable in your new home at

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Additional Details:
The process of setting up an online club at begins with setting up a username and password for the club administrator. Do you already have a username and password to any ICLUBcentral tool or website (, Investor Advisory Service, SmallCap Informer, StockCentral, etc.)?
Yes, I do have a username - use it for
No, I don't have a username - create one for me.
If you have any preference for a username, please let us know in the box below. (While the website does not allow for special characters such as * $ ^ , etc., we will do our best to accommodate any other requests.)

The setup of an online club also includes the option to send out email invitations to your club members. These email invitations give them the chance to set up their own username and password so they can access the site and check current reports. This does not give them access to make changes to the club's data -- it only allows them to view the club's information and reports. We assume that you would like some time yourself to get familiar with the website, so by default we do not send out these invitation emails when doing the initial club setup.

However, if you would like us to send out these automated emails as part of the setup, please let us know. The invitations can always be sent out at a later time, so if you choose not to do so now, the opportunity is not lost.
Yes, please invite my club's members.
No, please do not invite my club members.
Do you have any questions, comments, or requests for your username/password? If so, enter them below:
Please attach the following files so that we can import your transactions and check them for accuracy.
Attach exported data file from Bivio (XML)
Attach club's most recent Valuation Statement from Bivio (PDF)
Attach club's most recent Member Status Report from Bivio (PDF)
To save a PDF version of those reports, navigate to each of them in your Bivio club account, then Print the page from your web browser and select the printer option "Save to PDF." ( automatically creates PDFs of all club reports, so life will be easier in the future for you!)

Once we receive your message with your export file attached, we will begin getting your data imported and your website set up. When complete, we'll send you an email to let you know how to sign in to your club's website, along with a Quick Start Guide to help you get used to the basic functions of
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