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Support for Investment Clubs, Teachers, Educators, and Software Trainers

Are you a BetterInvesting Chapter Director or Volunteer? Go here to learn more about the resources available to assist you and your BetterInvesting Chapter.

Successful investing starts with education. And whether you're a teacher, investment club education officer, software instructor or anyone else involved in teaching groups about investing, ICLUBcentral wants to help you with the task.

We've assembled many resources for your use in teaching many topics, including basic investing, portfolio management, using ICLUBcentral software, and more. We can even arrange speakers for events in person, via telephone conference calls, or using Internet webinar tools. If you need help installing software at training facilities, or have any other questions, we're here to help!

Here's a summary of the resources available for educators from ICLUBcentral:

  • Speakers for events. Depending on the size of your event, ICLUBcentral can arrange for dynamic speakers to attend your event. For qualifying BetterInvesting Chapter events, ICLUBcentral will pay travel expenses for its speakers. We can also arrange telephone conference calls and webinars with our team of experts.
  • Door prizes. We can offer free software and subscriptions for use as door prizes for attendees to add a splash of excitement to your event.
  • Software and software assistance. We want your software demonstrations to go smoothly. Contact us with any questions about the programs.
  • Priority customer support. Helping you to look good makes us look good! Visit the web site link below to submit a request for help or ask for more information, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Please click here to take advantage of any of these offers.

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Don't Do That!
There are many "best practices" presentations on how to run your club. This presentation focuses on the worst practices. New and established groups should review this presentation to avoid mistakes made by other clubs!

Our newly-revised easy to understand walk-though of the most popular online investment club accounting software in the world.

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