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June 30, 2004 - ICLUB News
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ICLUB Insider June 30, 2004


There's Lots New in NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5!

The 5th edition of the NAIC Investor's Toolkit is the result of twelve years of user experience with the Toolkit software line. Its enhancements have been distilled from the consolidated input of our users who have told us what they wanted. The program has once again been rewritten in order to take advantage of improvements in technology that permit us to make life simpler, clearer, and better for our users. During CompuFest 2004 in St. Louis, ICLUBcentral's staff received numerous questions regarding the new features in NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5, so we thought it would be helpful to describe a few of the major new improvements.

The program has a modernized user interface which retains its basic functionality (so as not to alarm Toolkit 4 users), but also provides a more intuitive means of navigating throughout the program and more function-related ways to move from one task to another. For starters, when Toolkit 5 starts up, it prompts the user to perform simple maintenance tasks such as price and data updates, and completing judgment on Stock Selection Guides.

The program also opens with a "Portfolio Report Card." The Report Card is one main feature aimed at Toolkit 5's main goal -- making portfolio management a piece of cake. One of the strong suits ascribed to the Toolkit products is their emphasis on simplicity and intuitiveness. In this regard, and to make the tasks more understandable, portfolio management tasks have been separated into the defensive and offensive tasks. No longer will the user have to view and analyze the complex PERT report to determine if a company has qualified for either defensive or offensive attention. Changes in any company's status caused either by new data or prices will trigger an alert function and call the user's attention to the tasks that need to be accomplished. For anyone who has ever enjoyed the functionality of past Toolkit software, the additions to Toolkit 5 -- especially the Portfolio Management enhancements -- will be welcomed changes. Toolkit 5's improvements make life simpler while staying true to the features that made Toolkit 4 and Toolkit 4 Pro so popular.

Toolkit 5 also includes a "Smart Challenge" feature. Selecting a company to be challenged invokes the "Smart Challenge" screen which displays all of the companies in the Stock Library that have been evaluated, ranked in order of potential return, with the challenged stock highlighted. The display includes the industries and the data necessary to determine whether a stock with better return is of equal or better quality.

For more information on NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5 or to view the full User's Guide (included in the free downloadable demo), please visit:

Save Now on NAIC Investor's Toolkit 5
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Don't miss out on this great opportunity to purchase the new 5th Edition of the NAIC Investor's Toolkit at a great discount. As you know, Toolkit 5 makes portfolio management easy as pie, in addition to offering powerful NAIC stock analysis features. NAIC members may purchase Toolkit 5 for just $149, $20 off the regular NAIC member price but only if you order online before July 15, 2004. (The non-member discount price before July 15 is $189, versus $209.) Upgrade discounts are available for users of Toolkit 4 and NAIC Classic or Classic Plus.

Get the software that so many NAIC investors have already taken advantage of -- order your copy of NAIC Investors Toolkit 5 online before the sale ends!

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Part 6 of a Series: What Is the NAIC Stock Selection Guide All About?
Determining a Future Low Price
by Ralph Seger; President, Investor Advisory Service

(Editor's Note: NAIC's Stock Selection Guide is the cornerstone of the Investor Advisory Service, and is used by Ralph Seger and the analysts at Seger-Elvekrog to select and follow each company included in the newsletter. In this issue, we are pleased to offer the sixth of a multi-part series of tips that delve into the basics of the SSG and how it can best be used to identify stocks for your portfolio.)

The process of estimating a future low price is an exercise in judgment. The SSG suggests several ways to choose a potential low price for a stock. One rule to remember is that using a low price that is higher than the 52-week low violates common sense. Investors in the market determine prices, so to ignore the actual low price of the last 52 weeks is like living in fantasyland. It is unrealistic.

A multiple of your judgment of the average low P/E ratio and the expected low EPS seems logical, providing the result is not higher than the 52-week low.

The average low price of the last five years is unrealistic when applied to growth stocks because the price should move up as EPS rise.

A recent severe market low price is a reasonable choice, providing it is not too far back in history.

Choosing the price the dividend will support might be a good idea if the resultant yield is significantly greater than the yield on the S&P 500. In other words, the dividend yield must be great enough to attract investors interested in dividend income. However, if the dividend is in jeopardy by being barely covered by the EPS, it follows the current dividend could be cut and the support would be gone. This method applies to stocks like REITs that tend to sell on a yield basis.

To be continued....

For more information on the Investor Advisory Service, please visit

Product Buzz: Updates on our NAIC Software Products

Is your computer fitted out with the latest and greatest NAIC software? Here's an overview of ICLUBcentral's Official NAIC Software products:

NAIC Classic (Plus)....................................Current Version: 2.1.0043
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NAIC Investor’s Toolkit.................................Current Version: 5.0.0
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NAIC Take Stock............................................Current Version: 4.0.1
[ Order ]        [ Info ]        [ Download demo ]       

NAIC Stock Analyst....................................Current Version: 3.0.0001
[ Order ]        [ Info ]        [ Download demo ]        [ Updates ]       

NAIC Stock Prospector...............................Current Version: 2.5.0037
[ Order ]        [ Info ]        [ Download demo ]       

NAIC Club Accounting..................................Current Version: 2.5.11
[ Order ]        [ Info ]        [ Download 2.3.5 demo ]        [ Updates ]       

NAIC Online Club Accounting................................Always Current!!
[ Order ]        [ Info ]        [ Demo website ]       

2003 NAIC Club Tax Printer.......................Current Version: 1.0.0020
[ Order ]        [ Info ]        [ Download ]       

2003 NAIC State Tax Printer.......................Current Version: 1.0.0017
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