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January 26, 2006 -
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ICLUB Insider January 26, 2006


Get a $100 Cash Rebate from ICLUBcentral and TD Waterhouse

ICLUBcentral has teamed with leading discount brokerage TD Waterhouse on a very special offer. Through June 30, 2006, you can get a $100 cash rebate on any qualifying ICLUBcentral product or subscription, just for opening a new club or individual account at TD Waterhouse!

Any ICLUBcentral software product or subscription will qualify you for this offer. Now's your chance to subscribe to the Investor Advisory Service, or check out Stock Analyst or Stock Prospector. Or perhaps you'd like to receive The Complete Roster of Quality Companies each month in your e-mail inbox.

Investment clubs can participate in this great deal, as well -- whether you want to upgrade your Club Accounting software or purchase the 2005 Club Tax Printers. It's your choice!

And TD Waterhouse gives you the attention you deserve, no matter how big your portfolio is. Take advantage of their unique combination of online tools and free, easy-to-use, independent research. And you'll enjoy competitive commissions on stock and option trades, as well as competitive margin rates.

In order to receive your rebate, you'll need to purchase a qualifying product; open and fund your TD Waterhouse account with a minimum of $1,000 within 90 days of your purchase (using the link and offer code linked from the ICLUB web site; and complete a rebate coupon and return it to ICLUBcentral. Certain restrictions apply, so be sure to read the fine print on the web site.

Don't delay! Find out more today!

Final Club Federal Tax Printers Released!

We're happy to announce that the final versions of the 2005 Club Federal Tax Printers have been released, for Club Accounting 3, Club Accounting Online at and NAIC Club Accounting 2.5. (We are still awaiting final approval from some states for the Club State Tax Printer, but we are hopeful that the final state tax printer will be released quite soon.)

Please refer to the following instructions for accessing the final forms for your particular club accounting program.

Club Accounting 3

Once you have purchased, installed and registered the Club Federal Tax Printer for Club Accounting 3, the tax printer will check for updates each time it is launched from the Taxes menu in the program. Make sure that your Internet connection is active (and, if necessary, disable or configure any firewalls that might interfere with the program's access to the Internet) before you start the program, then select Taxes > 2005 Tax Printer from the CA3 menu. Follow the instructions to download and automatically install the tax printer update.

Club Accounting Online at

Log in to your club web site at and select the Taxes tab, then click the button to Run the Federal taxes. If you previously generated draft forms from the site, you must regenerate the forms using the final versions. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Regenerate all 2005 tax returns" button. This will provide the final tax documents to you and your club members.

NAIC Club Accounting 2.5

If you ordered the downloadable version of the 2005 Club Federal Tax Printer for NAIC Club Accounting 2.5, you may visit to download the program. Right-click on the "NAIC Club Accounting 2.5 Federal Tax Printer" link, and save the file to your computer. Then, minimize your web browser and double-click the file to install the program.

Once the program has been installed, double-click the Form 1065 icon that was installed on your desktop to launch the tax printer.

Ordering Information

If you haven't yet purchased the 2005 Club Tax Printers, now's your chance! The full price for a federal or state Club Tax Printer for a single club is $79 each. BetterInvesting members save $20, and can buy the federal or state Club Tax Printer for $59. Having an accountant or tax preparer complete your forms would cost hundreds of dollars, so there's no easier or quicker way to prepare your required tax filings than by using the Club Tax Printers.

Visit or click the Taxes tab at your Club Accounting Online at web site for more information or to place an order.

Maintain Online Data Access in Your SSG Software

BetterInvesting has recently changed its web site login system, and these changes affect all users of ICLUBcentral's SSG software. To ensure that you have continuing access to automatic downloads and updates of SSG data from BetterInvesting's S&P Stock Data Service, you must take the following steps immediately.

First, make sure that you have a copy of your BetterInvesting magazine handy, and then visit the BetterInvesting web site. Click the login link at the top of the page, and then login with your BetterInvesting membership number from the magazine label and your prior password. If you wish to change to a login ID that is easier to remember, click the Help link and select the option to "Change your Website Login ID" from the "For Members" section.

Now you'll need to change your login information in any of the ICLUBcentral stock analysis software that you use. Following these step-by-step instructions for the program that you use:

Investor's Toolkit 5

  2. Click the "Select Data Subscription" button at the top of the dialog box.
  3. Select "BetterInvesting S&P Data Feed" from the dropdown list.
  4. Enter your new BetterInvesting ID and password at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click "OK."

To retrieve an SSG file from BetterInvesting's Standard & Poor's Stock Data Service, enter a ticker symbol in the "Symbol" box on the top of the list panel on the left side of the Toolkit 5 program, and click "Go." The data will automatically be downloaded into your computer.

NOTE: Users of Investor's Toolkit 4 may no longer download data directly into the program. You may download individual SSG files by logging in to the BetterInvesting web site, entering a ticker symbol and clicking the "SSG Data" link on a company report page. You may also contact BetterInvesting at 1-877-275-6242 to learn more about upgrading to Investor's Toolkit 5 at a reduced price before January 31, 2006.

Classic Plus

  2. Enter your new BetterInvesting ID and password at the bottom of the screen in the fields under "NAIC OPS Login" labeled "E-mail address" and "Password."
  3. Click "Apply," then "OK."

To retrieve an SSG file from BetterInvesting's Standard & Poor's Stock Data Service in Beginner mode, click "Stock Selection Guide" under "1. What would you like to do?" on the Main Page, then select "Download from NAIC (OPS) Datafiles" under "2. Where's the data for the company?" Click the "Start" link to display the "Open Company" dialog box, enter a ticker symbol and click "OK." The data will be downloaded to your computer.

Using Experienced mode, select FILE > OPEN > STOCK SELECTION GUIDE from the menu, then select the "Import NAIC OPS Datafiles" tab. Enter a ticker symbol and click "OK." The data will be downloaded to your computer. (Note: this also works in Beginner mode.)

Stock Analyst 3

  2. Enter your BetterInvesting ID and password at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click "Apply," then "OK."

To retrieve an SSG file from BetterInvesting's Standard & Poor's Stock Data Service, enter a ticker symbol in the "Symbol" box on the top of the list panel on the left side of the screen, and click "Go." The data will automatically be downloaded into your computer.

Stock Prospector

  1. Click the "Import" button on the toolbar (or select FILE > IMPORT DATAFILES > DOWNLOAD NAIC OPS DATAFILES from the menu.
  2. Enter your BetterInvesting ID and password in the dialog box.
  3. Click "Apply Changes."

To download current company information, click the "Start Import" button on the same dialog box.

Please note that Take Stock, Club Accounting Online at and the Investor Advisory Service are not affected by these changes. For more information about changing your BetterInvesting ID, please contact BetterInvesting directly.

Enhanced and Expanded File Storage at

The File Storage area available in Club Accounting Online at is a great way to save and share stock studies, meeting minutes, club operating documents and other files for your club members. We've recently enhanced the feature to make the Files area even more useful to you and your club!

First, we've doubled the amount of file storage space available for your club, raising the limit to 40 mb! When you click the File Storage tab on the site, you can now see at a glance the total amount of space that your club is using.

Next, we improved the display of files and folders. Folders now expand to display all files contained inside them, and then collapse to show only the top-level folders. Click the black arrow just to the left of the folder name to expand and then collapse the view. For clubs with lots of files and folders, this will help you to better organize your storage space. Also, the number in parentheses after a folder name also tells you many files and/or folders are contained in that folder.

Finally, we've created a way for you to share files publicly with non-members. This is a way for you to publish information about your club for potential new members, or to share stock studies with other investors.

By default, all files in your File Storage area are private. (And at no time will non-members have access to your club's accounting information, membership information or any other files that have not been designated as being publicly available.) To set one or more files as public, check the checkbox that appears to the far right side of the file's name, then click the "Set checked as public/private" link at the bottom of the screen. Once files have been set as public, the word "Public" appears in the Public Files column for that file.

Then, to allow non-members to view your club files, simply provide them with the link that appears at the bottom of the File Storage area. The link will be similar to this:
where XXXX is your club's unique identifier.

Here's an example of how the public files feature works, courtesy of ICLUBcentral's President, Doug Gerlach. Doug has provided some of his worksheets, handouts and other files at where anyone can download them. Feel free to take a look -- you may find some useful information there!

These new features are documented in our newly-updated Club Accounting Online manual, which can be downloaded from the web site or purchased in spiral-bound printed format.

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