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February 10, 2011 -

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Buy Toolkit 6 Today and Get Stock Prospector, Too!

If you haven't yet purchased your copy of Toolkit 6, the world's most popular software for stock analysis, now is your chance!

Through April 30, 2011, if you buy Toolkit 6 through this special offer, ICLUBcentral will give you a copy of our Stock Prospector screening software at no additional charge. Stock Prospector is a $69.99 value and is the perfect complement to your StockCentral or BetterInvesting data subscription to help you find top candidates for your stock portfolio.

This offer is only available in the ICLUB store or by calling us at 1-877-33-ICLUB. Be sure to act before the deadline to receive your copy of the powerful Stock Prospector program with your purchase. Buy Toolkit 6 today!

ICLUBcentral Club Tax Printers Released for Download and Shipping Soon

Following the release by the Internal Revenue Service of the final 2010 partnership-related tax forms, ICLUBcentral has released its 2010 Club Tax Printer programs for download and use with Club Accounting 3. Purchasers can download the program and user guides from the ICLUB website.

Users of our investment club website do not need to download anything — click the Taxes tab in your club website and generate your tax returns from there.

In addition, we have released final Club State Tax Printers for AZ, CA, GA, MD, MN, MO, NJ, PA, and WI. We are still awaiting approval from CO, IA, IN, MA, and NY for our replacement forms. The same procedures as outlined above should be employed to download and/or run your State Club Tax Printer program.

Purchasers of the CD version of the investment club tax printer programs should watch their mailboxes. The CDs are scheduled to begin shipping directly from the factory on Monday, February 14, 2011, via First Class mail.

If you have not yet purchased your Club Tax Printer, visit today to place your order or call 1-877-33-ICLUB.

Reaching Out for New Investment Club Members
by Angele McQuade and Doug Gerlach, BetterInvesting Magazine

Let's face it. Your fellow investment club members aren't going to stick around forever. Hey, we're not here to pass judgment — there are lots of reasons why folks drop out of clubs. People move away or go through changes in work or family responsibilities that make it harder to stay involved. Sometimes, they simply lose interest.

No matter the reason, your club will likely see its member roster dwindle as the years roll by.

If this continues unchecked, you may even lose so many members that the club has trouble functioning. OK, we admit this sounds a little scary, so let's balance that bit of doom and gloom with some good news: Your club can avert this potential calamity by making a deliberate effort to improve its recruiting tactics. Although this advice may seem simplistic, we promise it's true. A vibrant recruitment program that actively seeks and then welcomes promising prospects should ultimately result in new members who can help keep your club running productively. Now doesn't that sound a whole lot better than a total club collapse?

If you've never really given much thought to an organized recruiting plan — and you wouldn't be the only one who hasn't — you might be a little clueless about how to start. We suggest beginning with the most important part of the process: finding people who might be interested in joining. But just where should a club go to look?

The most fertile source of new members is often the circle of friends and family surrounding your existing members. Reaching out to people at your work, school, house of worship or community activities ensures you'll already have at least one common connection and it's that connection that helps keep members emotionally as well as financially invested in a club's success.

"All of our members have joined as a result of another member bringing a friend or acquaintance to the meeting," says Gloria Mankonen of the WIN Club of West Virginia. "Some come through work, but mostly they are friends of members who have told them about the club." Her 13-year-old club has welcomed 10 new members in the past 11 years and recently celebrated reaching a "One-Eighth Million Portfolio" — which, as Gloria explains — "sounded like so much more than saying $125,000!"


February 10, 2011


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Doug Gerlach will also be speaking at the following events:

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April 2, 2011: 35th Annual Spring Investor's Education Day; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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April 30, 2011: Colorado
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