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February 24, 2011 -

In This Issue:

StockCentral Introduces Preliminary Company Data to SSG Files

As part of our enhancements to our StockCentral website Data Service, over the weekend we will be introducing another new feature — the use of preliminary quarterly and annual data to the SSG data. This will provide more timely updates to the data, so you'll see quarterly results in your stock studies much more quickly.

Our data provider, Morningstar, still relies on companies to file Form 8-K to trigger the inclusion of preliminary data in the data stream. Form 8-K is the "current report" companies must file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to announce major events that shareholders should know about, including the announcement of the results of operations and financial condition that are made in press releases and on a company's website. These filings must be made within four business days of the announcement. Allow one to two days for the information to appear in the data we receive from Morningstar, and then you'll see the preliminary data in the SSG data created in our weekend update.

Please note that preliminary data is subject to change before a company files its final quarterly 10-Q or annual 10-K reports with the SEC. There is currently no way to differentiate "preliminary" from "final" data in Toolkit 6, in an *.SSG file, or on the website (though we're investigating ways to identify when this early data is being presented to users). When final data is released, it will overwrite any preliminary data that has previously been delivered to your software program.

Preliminary data will begin to be included in the StockCentral website stock data over the weekend of Feb. 26-27, 2011, so you'll start to see the new data in the various tools (such as Take Stock, Stock Screener, Ratio Analyzer, and Industry Average Browser) on the StockCentral website, as well as in the *.SSG data files in your Toolkit 6 or other stock study software, officially as of Feb. 28, 2011.

We're pleased to introduced this new enhancement to our StockCentral website.

Sign Up for Next Week's Virtual Retail Investors Conference

Have you checked out the virtual yet? These monthly online conferences are geared to provide individual investors like you with insight into new investment opportunities, educational classes, and access to public company executives, all from the comfort of your own home.

Spanning a full day, each Retail Investor Conference is chock-filled with presentations, chat rooms, and virtual booths staffed by presenting companies. BetterInvesting, PR Newswire, and MUNCmedia have teamed up to present this monthly series of virtual investor conferences.

At the March 3, 2011, conference, ICLUBcentral President Doug Gerlach will be teaching an educational workshop titled "Understanding Profit Margins." Doug will explain how you can evaluate a company's profit margins to identify quality companies, compare businesses to their competitors, and discover early warning signs of fundamental problems.

It's free to attend the Retail Investor Conference, and you only need to sign up once to receive notifications about each monthly conference. If you miss a conference, don't worry —archives of all presentations are available for you to review at the conclusion of each day's schedule.

If you haven't already done so, sign up today, and we'll see you on Thursday, March 3, 2011. (You might win an iPad too — each month, one lucky attendee will receive a free iPad.)

Free "What Every Investor Should Know" Workshop

Longtime instructor and all-around stock guru Bob Adams led a very popular, well-attended workshop on the Ratio Analyzer in the StockCentral Forums last August, and now he's back for an encore presentation. This time, the topic is Investing 101 — "What Every Investor Should Know."

This free week-long workshop, led by Bob and hosted by StockCentral Community Leader Amy Rauch Neilson, will challenge the way you think about everything from your FICO score to mutual fund expense ratios.

Got questions? You'll need to be a StockCentral subscriber in order to ask them, but anyone can read Bob's presented topics each day.

Visit Bob Adams' Workshop

Update on ICLUBcentral State Club Tax Printers

Last week, we released four more State Club Tax Printers — for Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, and Massachusetts. Today, we released our final state, New York, completing the final release of all of our State Club Tax Printers as well as the Federal edition. If you've already installed the tax printer for Club Accounting 3, the program will update the next time you start the software to install the final forms for these states.

If you purchased the Federal or Club State Tax Printers on CD, these have shipped from the factory. If you purchased the Club Tax Printer for, it should show in the Taxes tab on your club website. (If it doesn't say "Run" and you have purchased the program, contact ICLUBcentral Support right away!)

One final note: telephone hold times in our Customer Support department are likely to be longer than normal over the next few weeks. Please use our online Customer Support Request system if you need assistance or have questions. In many cases, we can help you more quickly if you send us a request online than if you try to reach us by telephone.

Download or order your ICLUBcentral Club Tax Printers today!

February 24, 2011


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