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December 1, 2011 -

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Save Twice on Club Tax Printer Software

Did you know that there are two ways that investment clubs can save on the purchase of Investment Club Tax Printer software from ICLUBcentral?

The early bird catches the worm — and in this case, the early club treasurer catches a deal if he or she pre-orders the 2011 Club Tax Printer before Dec. 31, 2011! Place your order before the end of the year and you'll save $10 off the full purchase price of either (or both) the Federal or the State Club Tax Printer programs. (Note: When you pre-order the programs, you pay now, and we notify you when the program is ready to be downloaded or shipped to you when it's ready.)

The second way to save is to join and take advantage of our special discounts for StockCentral subscribers. An annual subscription to StockCentral is $49.99 a year (with discounts for two- and three-year terms), but you'll save an additional $30 on each Club Tax Printer program you purchase and pay just $59.99 each. The discount is extended to your club if even just one club member is a smart and savvy StockCentral subscriber (as long as that member places the order for the Club Tax Printer program).

StockCentral offers a full suite of online stock analysis, screening, and portfolio tools for investors and investment club members. If you haven't checked out all that the site offers, sign up for a free 45-day trial and see how StockCentral can help you become a more successful investor.

Order Club Tax Printers Now!

What Happens When a Club Transfers a Stock?
by Russell Malley,
ICLUBcentral Club Accounting Advisor

I recently saw a question regarding the cost basis of a transferred stock not matching the basis for the stock in the club's records. So what happens when a stock is transferred to a member during a withdrawal? The answer depends on the type of withdrawal.

For a partial withdrawal, the member's cost basis in transferred stock will be the club's cost basis. For a full withdrawal, the cost basis in transferred stock is the adjusted basis of the club member.

Using ICLUBcentral accounting tools, a member's cost basis is shown on the Member Status Report in the column Paid-in-Plus Earnings (PIPE). For a full withdrawal, the PIPE of a member is adjusted by adding the member's share of the club's earning for the current tax year, up to the time of withdrawal. The result is the member's adjusted basis in the club. It's this amount that's the starting point for apportioning cost basis to any stock transferred in the withdrawal.

If any cash was received in the withdrawal, the total amount of cash is subtracted from the adjusted cost basis of the member.

The result is then apportioned to the stock transferred. If multiple blocks of stock are transferred, Internal Revenue Service regulations dictate how the cost basis is apportioned to each block....

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Recommended Reading: The Little Book That Beats the Market
from the Investor Advisory Service

At the recent American Association of Individual Investors's 2011 Conference, author Joel Greenblatt addressed attendees with a keynote presentation that emphasized what Warren Buffett learned from Benjamin Graham: that to be a successful investor, "Buy good companies cheap." That's a message that resonates with subscribers to the Investor Advisory Service.

Experienced investors will find Greenblatt's argument a little basic, but the author sneaks a lot of punch into this short, digestible book, updated in a revised edition in 2010 with the revised title The Little Book That Still Beats the Market.

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December 1, 2011


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