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May 4, 2012 -

In This Issue:

Incorporating Analysts' EPS and Sales Estimates in Toolkit 6

Projecting the likely future growth of revenues and earnings per share is key to completing a Stock Selection Guide. Besides allowing for the review of historical growth trends, Toolkit 6 also lets you incorporate analysts' estimates of EPS and sales growth in your stock studies.


Using Member Message Boards in
by Sean Pulrang
ICLUBcentral Customer Support Specialist

Every once in a while we'll get an email from a club or member using the message boards asking about one or more of their members who are not receiving emails that are posted to boards. While I can't say we've never run into an issue with the servers at this end, we do check the message board service daily to make sure it's operating correctly and work as quickly as possible to resolve any issues.

Despite these daily checks, there are a handful of issues not entirely in our control that can cause emails to not arrive. We've found three main issues to check if a club or member finds that messages posted on the club's message boards are not showing up in member's email programs or sites.

  • The message board may not be fully set up.
  • There may be an issue with some member's email information.
  • The member's email service may be blocking the email.

With those in mind, here are the steps to check on each of the three issues.


Those Taxing Dividend Issues: To Reinvest or Not To Reinvest ...
by Douglas Gerlach
President, ICLUBcentral Inc.

Gordon Gecko may be out of prison, but it’s still the case that “money never sleeps,” as the subtitle of the sequel to the classic film “Wall Street” proclaims. Individuals and clubs using automatic investing programs such as dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) or direct stock plans (DSPs) often like the wide-awake nature of these systems because they help keep their money always at work through the purchase of new shares with all dividends paid.

Keeping your money at work is at the core of one of BetterInvesting’s four principles of successful stock investing: Reinvest all earnings. The intent of this guideline is to allow you to take advantage of the law of compound returns and maximize the eventual gains you can earn in your stock portfolio by using your profits to make new investments.

Whenever you sell a stock or receive a dividend, use that cash to make new investments. Don’t splurge on a new pair of shoes or electronics gear! Over the course of many years, the largest part of your returns will likely come from the reinvested earnings in your investment accounts.

BetterInvesting’s admonition is often interpreted, however, as a directive to use dividend reinvestment programs, either in your brokerage account or as part of a direct stock purchase plan. Although using a DRP or DSP can fulfill the recommendation to reinvest all earnings (as well as to invest regularly), it’s not the only way.

Many investment clubs and investors choose to receive all dividends in cash and then simply add those funds to the pool of money used to make the next purchase in their portfolio. This strategy is perfectly aligned with BetterInvesting’s principles and in fact may be a better approach than automatic dividend reinvestment for a number of reasons, particularly for investment clubs.


The Best Little Convention in Texas

Sign up now to attend BINC 2012 and choose from classes from 10 different learning tracks presented by some of our top educators. You won’t want to miss dynamic presentations by Jim Thomas, Christi Powell, Allen Holdsworth, Pat Donnelly, Hugh McManus and Jim Crabill, to name but a few.

BINC 2012 Educational Track Highlights:

The Beginners Track provides a closed-class opportunity to complete the beginning curriculum in a personal, supportive environment.

The Intermediate Judgment Track is a series of classes designed to sharpen judgment skills beyond the beginner level.

The Stock Quality Track is for those people for whom the goal is to improve their ability to select quality stocks.

The Stock Valuation Track is for those who seek to buy and sell at better prices.

The Portfolio Track moves beyond single stock selection using the SSG to analyzing the portfolio as a whole.

The Club Management Track is for club members who seek to optimize their club experience.

The Case Study Track is for you if your goal is to discuss some interesting stock ideas in an informal or panel discussion environment.

The Tools Track is a track which focuses more on how to use various software tools than the methodology.

The Personal Finance and Mutual Funds Track offers classes for those who are interested in different investment vehicles that may fit within their portfolio.

The Options Track provides a full review of options from basic understanding to strategic judgments including tools used for evaluating options.

Through June 30, 2012, a Spring Special registration price is available for $400 for members and $300 for chapter volunteers. This is a $50 savings over the full registration price!

Register today! You won't be disappointed. Join us to celebrate 61 years of BetterInvesting and improve your investment knowledge.

May 4, 2012


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