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October 4, 2012 -

In This Issue:

Evaluate a Company's Return on Equity in Toolkit 6

While the traditional formula used to calculate ROE is Net Income ÷ Shareholder's Equity, the SSG and Toolkit 6 use Earnings per Share ÷ Book Value per Share, which are the rough equivalents of the values used in the original formula.

Look for companies with stable or growing annual ROE in Section 2 of the Stock Study form, and compare their five-year averages to the companies' industry groups and peers to see if these businesses are leaders or laggards.

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Check out the New!

ICLUBcentral has just launched an easy yet powerful way to search for stocks that fit the specific needs of your portfolio —

It's the only stock screener available on the Internet that caters exclusively to long-term oriented buy-and-hold investors, offering the ability to search on 10-year growth rates of sales, earnings, profit margins, cash flow, and much, much more. In addition, finely-tuned proxy judgment helps to identify stocks that may be poised for strong future growth, and industry comparisons help you find those companies most likely to outperform their peers.

Like our desktop Stock Prospector for Windows program, the online MyStockProspector features 120 search criteria, customized reports, and the ability to save screens for future use. To help you get started, we offer several pre-defined screens that offer up companies that meet various versions of BetterInvesting criteria.

Unique among online stock screeners is the ability to screen by industry averages for many of the search fields, finding companies that have higher margins, faster growth, greater dividends, or lower debt than other similar companies, for instance.

As a special to celebrate the introduction of, we’re offering a special Charter subscription rate of just $39.99 a year for full access to the tool! Other online screeners with fewer features charge greater amounts for just one month of access!

Don’t delay and miss this special offer — sign up today for access to the one tool that can help you find your next great stock! Subscribe today!

One Year Ago in IAS: eBay

In the Septemer 2011 issue of the Investor Advisory Service we recommended eBay, the well-known online auction and e-commerce site. This large company had revenues in 2010 of $9.1 billion, and had grown earnings per share at an annualized rate of more than 31% since 2002. How have the company and its stock performed in the year since that time?

Shares of eBay Inc. (Ticker: EBAY) have really woken up since we last profiled the company in September 2011. Priced at $30.17 a year ago, the stock recently traded above $44, a gain of more than 46%. The S&P 500 has come up in the last year as well, but the index’s total gain is less than half of eBay’s.

We’ve tracked eBay in the Investor Advisory Service since September 2006. Company financial performance has been good during that time. Revenue has more than doubled, and EPS has more than tripled. However, the stock’s performance has mostly followed the market. EPS growth was counter-balanced by a declining P/E. Any brief deviations relative to the S&P were small and tended not to persist. That is, periods of outperformance were followed by periods of equal underperformance, and vice-versa. To be fair, it’s too soon to be absolutely certain whether eBay will hold its recent gains, but the magnitude of rally suggests to us this stock has finally managed to win a round on the rest of the market.

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October 4, 2012


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