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Jan. 26, 2015 -
In This Issue: Updated with New Look and New Features

We’ve completely updated with a new look and feel, while retaining the same menus and basic navigation system so you can find features the same way as you have in the past. But underneath the hood there are more than 15 new features and enhancements that we think will make even more useful to all investment club treasurers and members. The new feature list includes the following:

  • New attractive user interface has a more efficient screen layout.
  • New left navigation menu provides links to all transactions and reports from expandable sub-menus.
  • New "Investment Club Sentiment Index" tracks the bullish/bearish sentiment of all investment clubs and members on a monthly basis. Members can vote once a month.
  • New "merger with cash" transaction supports this increasingly common method used in acquisitions and mergers.
  • Foreign tax withholding is now integrated with distribution transactions and does not need to be entered separately.
  • New Distribution entry screen supports multiple categories of distributions.
  • New Stock Quotes and Information page includes historical price lookups, dividend and ex-dividend history, stock split history, and historical fundamental graph.
  • New Reports page layout makes most-used/most-important reports available first.
  • New PDF generator allows any report to be saved as PDF report.
  • New email functionality allows treasurer to email links to any generated report right from that page.
  • New BrokerSync™ support is now provided for TDAmeritrade brokerage accounts.
  • New popup calendar on all transaction screens makes it easy to select and enter dates.
  • New Club Benchmark & Performance Report allows comparisons to choice of 10 different market indexes.
  • New easier-to-read and interactive graphs are used throughout the site.
  • New graphs are also integrated on report pages and don’t have to be generated or printed separately.
  • New company size definitions reflect impact of inflation, with Small companies now defined as having annual revenues less than $750 million and large companies having revenues greater than $7.5 billion (with midsized companies in between). Ultra-slow-growing Mega companies remain classified as having revenues greater than $15 billion.
  • New support in the People management area for IRS Form 8822-B which is to be filed when the club changes its official address or the address of its responsible person.

We’ll be releasing several more improvements and enhancements to later in 2015, so stay tuned for even more reasons that is the world’s most popular investment club operations and accounting website!

Click here to sign up for a no-charge, no-obligation 60-day trial of and learn why more and more investment clubs choose!

Gerlach to Present 5 Stocks to Consider Now at The World MoneyShow in Orlando

ICLUBcentral’s Doug Gerlach will discuss the fundamental approach to stock selection at The World MoneyShow Orlando, Feb. 4-7. He’ll participate in the “Stocks for Those Worried a Bear Market Is About to Begin” workshop with Mark Hulbert and other top newsletter editors, as well as present his “Stockpicker's Paradise: 5 Stocks You Should Consider Now”.

There is no charge to register for the annual World MoneyShow Orlando, so this is a terrific way to learn more about our principles to friends, family and colleagues.

At the event more than 100 other leading investing and trading experts will help attendees learn. Go to The World MoneyShow Orlando website for more information or go here to register for the event.

ICLUBcentral Club Tax Printers Released (and Better than Ever!)

ICLUBcentral's Club Tax Printers have been released! Forms for IRS Form 1065 and related schedules are FINAL, as are the forms for most states. California, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania remain in DRAFT mode. These states will be auto-updated as soon as approvals are received.

Both the Federal and State Tax Printers for CA3 for Windows can be downloaded from the website. Users of will find it in the Taxes tab of their website.

There are many new features in our 2014 Tax Printer that make it better than ever!

  • We now supports large partnerships (having assets greater than $600K and $1M) with additional forms required in the Federal and California state module
  • A new workflow saves user-entered cost basis details from Form 1090 from session to session, very helpful if you have a large number of sales.
  • A new single-screen questionnaire on replaces old step-by-step wizard with a streamlined interface, and also saves details from session to session.
  • A new worksheet on aids in preparing constructive ownership form for family partnerships that are required to file Schedule B-1.
If you haven't yet purchased your Tax Printers, order them today.

MUST-SEE VIEWING FOR TREASURERS: If you missed Doug Gerlach's webinar earlier this month on preparing your club's tax returns, we have good new! The replay of his webinar is available for on-demand viewing. In the video, Doug walks through the new features of the Club Tax Printers and demonstrates how to prepare a club's Form 1065 and related schedules.

Also note that Doug and his experts will be conducting an Investment Club Tax Clinic webinar at 9 PM ET on February 17, 2015. This session is devoted to your questions, problems, and issues, so mark the date and sign up today if you're not on the ICLUBcentral Investment Club Webinar series attendee list.

Jan. 26, 2015

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