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November 18, 2011 -

In This Issue:

Keeping Your Investment Club Uncomplicated

As Steve Martin, Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin discovered in their 2009 film "It's Complicated," some people seem to have a natural-born proclivity to make things harder than they have to be. The title of the film is also a selection in the Relationship Status section of user profiles on Facebook, indicating that there are a whole lot of people who just can't keep things simple.

In investment clubs, there's also a tendency for members to make business more complicated than it needs to be. When starting a new club, members desire to cover all the contingencies — even if they don't know what contingencies they should be covering! The result is often that members, particularly club officers, have a harder job taking care of club business.

If you're starting a new club, don't worry so much about covering all the bases. The recommended partnership agreement available from BetterInvesting or the website works well without much modification for most investment clubs. Later on, if you find requirements that you'd like to memorialize in the club's official documents, you can easily amend or revise your partnership agreement or bylaws.

The treasurer's job is often the most time-consuming position in an investment club. There are plenty of steps that clubs can take to make the treasurer's job easier. Many clubs end up closing down owing to difficulties in finding members who are willing to serve as treasurer, so focusing on keeping things simple for the treasurer can greatly help the club....

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One Year Ago in IAS: Danaher Corp.
from the Investor Advisory Service

In the December 2010 issue of the Investor Advisory Service we recommended Danaher, an industrial conglomerate with businesses ranging from dental equipment, to bar-coding, to analytical and scientific instruments. This large company had revenues in 2009 of $11.1 billion, and had grown earnings per share at an annualized rate of 17.7% since 2000. How have the company and its stock performed in the year since it was recommended?

Danaher Corporation (ticker: DHR) traded at $42.80 when we profiled the company in December 2010. At the time, we gave the stock a buy-up-to price of $49. Shares recently traded at $48.34, a 13% increase over the past year. The S&P 500 is up about 8% during the same period, including dividends. Danaher is an industrial conglomerate with businesses ranging from dental equipment, to bar-coding, to analytical and scientific instruments. We are attracted to the company because of its focus on cash flow and consistent organic growth. Few industrial companies show the kind of growth Danaher has.

In the same month we published our profile, Danaher reported third-quarter EPS growth of 35% on revenue growth of 16%. DHR shares didn't start to outperform the broader averages, however, until the next quarter, in which 20% EPS growth and 13% organic revenue growth exceeded Wall Street's expectations. The stock traded into the low $50s after the quarterly report, above our buy-up-to price. As the market stagnated in February, DHR continued to rise, with shares touching $56 in April 2010.

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Five Steps to Successful Stock Investing
by Doug Gerlach,
President, ICLUBcentral Inc.

ICLUBcentral's mission is to provide tools to help individuals to become smarter investors. Our products are aimed at non-professional investors, providing high-quality yet easy-to-use software and services that enable our customers to invest successfully in the stock market — without spending thousands of dollars.

Our products are built around our unique Five Steps to Successful Stock Investing program. By faithfully following these steps, and using our software and Web tools, you too can become a successful long-term investor.

The following is an overview of our methodology and the tools that are available to fulfill each step.

1. Find

Successful stock analysis begins with finding suitable candidates. It's highly unlikely (though not completely impossible, I suppose) that you'll find high-quality stocks by listening to the talking heads on financial television programs, overhearing conversations at the country club, or soliciting "hot tips" from your brother-in-law.

Instead, you should harness the power of your computer and use stock screening tools to identify stock ideas that meet rigid tests of quality and value. For this purpose, ICLUBcentral has developed Stock Prospector, a Windows program that allows you to search for stocks using any of 120 variables. You can download a demo version of this program, or you can see a free sample screen of growth companies that we update occasionally on our website using Stock Prospector.

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Tax Printers Available for Pre-Order Now!

The 2011 Federal and State Club Tax Printers are now available for pre-ordering from ICLUBcentral.

ICLUBcentral offers Club Tax Printer software the IRS and for more states (14) than any other investment club accounting software developer. If your club uses Club Accounting 3 or keeps its books online at (the accounting software used by the majority of U.S. investment clubs), you can quickly and accurately complete your club's partnership tax forms — and print K-1 forms for your members — by using ICLUBcentral's Club Tax Printers.

The Federal and State Tax Printer software retails for $89.99 (a fraction of the cost of a professional tax preparation service), but many discounts are available. But act now, our special early bird pricing ends in Dec. 31, 2011! Get a jump on Tax Season and pre-order your Tax Printers today.

November 18, 2011


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