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December 15, 2011 -

In This Issue:

Pre-Order 2011 Investment Club Tax Printers Now And Save

Time is running short to cash in on savings for your investment club's 2011 Federal and State Tax Printers. You can't avoid tax season, but you can avoid spending extra cash unnecessarily. If you pre-order before Dec. 31, 2011, you can save big bucks on your club's tax preparation tools!

ICLUBcentral's Club Tax Printer software walks you through the filing process step by step with its easy-to-understand wizard function. It takes just a few clicks of your mouse to prepare all the necessary tax filings for your club. You'll be able to accurately and completely prepare each section of Form 1065 (including Schedule D) for your club and print out K-1 reports for each of your club's members.

For more help on investment club tax returns, don't miss the next Investment Club Operations Webinar with Doug Gerlach, where you'll learn how to close the club's books and prepare for tax season. Register today!.

You'll also find valuable information on the ICLUBcentral website. Go to for Frequently Asked Questions About Investment Club Tax Preparation and much more.

Remember: Pre-order now and pay just $89.99 if you purchase before Dec. 31, 2011. StockCentral members save even more and pay just $59.99!

Pre-Order for Club Accounting 3.1

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Don't delay — order today! You not only will save money, but you'll also take the worry, frustration and guesswork out of this year's tax season.

Order Club Tax Printers Now!

Handling Investment Club Member Partial Withdrawals
by Sean Pulrang,
ICLUBcentral Customer Support

As with many of my posts here, this was inspired by a conversation about partial withdrawals. In this case, a few conversations, actually, regarding the idea or attempt to lower a member's percent of ownership in the club. I suspect that unless they have very strict controls, most clubs have run into a situation in which one or two members have a majority share in the club. From my experience in my own club, and in talking to members over the years, there seem to be two common reasons for this:

  • One or two long-time members leave, and when their place is taken by a few new members, the club notices that the most long-term members suddenly have a very large percentage ownership.
  • One or two members have made larger-than-normal monthly payments for long enough that their percentage ownership gets to be far ahead of the rest of the club.

Regardless of the reason, most clubs that I have spoken with will do one of two things:

  • Ask the members in question to lower their monthly input until some of the other members catch up
  • Ask the members in question to take a partial withdrawal, in order to lower their percentage of ownership.

As far as bookkeeping goes, the first option is certainly the easiest to keep track of; the members in question simply make lower payments until the member status report shows their percentage of ownership going down to an agreeable level. ...

Depending on the club's fortunes, this can take awhile, though. If the club (and by extension its members) are in a bit of a hurry, then a partial withdrawal can quickly bring the level of ownership down. The trick though, is in determining how much money to give as part of the partial withdrawal, and what the percentage of ownership will be after the partial withdrawal is completed. If the percentage of ownership changed for each member independent of every other member, this would be pretty easy. The way the accounting system is set up, though, any adjustments to one member's percentage of ownership will automatically adjust the percentage of ownership for everyone.

So over the last few days this week, I've been working on a spreadsheet in which I could calculate the current percentage of ownership for several members in a club based on entering their Current Value, then enter a dollar value for that member, and have the spreadsheet show an updated percent of ownership for all the members based on that dollar value.

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Exciting Updates Released to Toolkit 6

Attention all users of Toolkit 6: We have released two new updates to the program with even more features and enhancements!

The current version is 6.4.4 (we released version 6.4.3 and then released 6.4.4 with a few more minor adjustments). Among the features in the update are:

  • Offense and Defense screens include subtitles to describe function of those screens.
  • Added function to sort by % Yield on Portfolio Review Report.
  • Removed option to print forms in color, which did not work for many printers.
  • Corrected display of stock split notification dialog box.
  • Corrected determination used to set fiscal-year end month from data.
  • Exported *.SSG filenames include preparer name and current date.
  • Exporting a Toolkit Stock Library now works properly.
  • Ticker/company name database updated.
  • Prices can now be retrieved for multiple-share-class stocks (such as Moog and Berkshire Hathaway) without changing ticker symbol in data screen.
  • Prices can now be retrieved from ICLUBcentral as well as from Yahoo! Finance.
  • ADR flag added to identify stocks that are American Depositary Receipts.
  • First Impression: Now displays with Ctrl-Alt-I hotkey combination if automatic display is disabled in Preferences.
  • "Cash Flow" is renamed "Free Cash Flow" to reflect changes in datafile specification.
  • Notes indicator now turns off if notes are deleted and field is blank.
  • Improved logic used to display date of current price date based on price and/or data update functions.
  • Alt-Q now toggles future low EPS values using most recent fiscal year, trailing 12 months, forward 12 months, average of FTM & TTM and user-set values.
  • 52-week high and low price-earnings ratios are displayed with 52-week high and low prices in Section 3.
  • Future high price can be manually edited.
  • User-entered analysts' estimate data can now be locked to prevent being overridden during data update.
  • Enlarged the font size of the printed Notes.
  • Fixed problems with exporting and importing ITK files.
  • Fixed rounding issue with future high price selection.

You may check what version you have from within the program by select the Help pull-down menu, then clicking About Toolkit 6. Your version will be listed.

The program checks for the latest version when verifying your Internet connection upon startup. To update your software program manually, select the Help pull-down menu, then select Check for Updates. Follow the prompts to download and install the update.

If you have trouble updating, make sure that you're running the Toolkit 6 program in Adminstrator mode and adjust or temporarily disable any Internet security program that may be installed on your computer.

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Year-End Holiday Schedule for ICLUBcentral Support

ICLUBcentral's offices will be closed for several days at year-end in order that our staff can celebrate the holidays with their families. During these times, our phone lines will not accept calls for sales or technical issues, but you may request help using our online system and we will address your inquiry during the next workday.

The dates of the office closures are:

  • Friday, Dec. 23, 2011
  • Monday Dec. 26, 2011
  • Friday, Dec. 30, 2011
  • Monday, Jan. 2, 2012

Many investment club treasurers will use the holidays to close their club's books and start preparing their investment club tax returns. Although the early bird pricing for the Club Tax Printers expires on Dec. 31, 2011, we recommend that clubs not wait until the last minute to place their order. Pre-order your Club Tax Printer today.

We express our sincerest wishes for happy holidays to all of our customers and look forward to serving you in a prosperous 2012.

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December 15, 2011


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