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Stock Prospector Tips and Resources

Stock Prospector has been discontinued.

Thank you for your interest in ICLUBcentral's Stock Prospector software. As of April 11, 2013, Stock Prospector has been discontinued and is no longer being sold. If you are looking for a product that will assist you in searching for stocks that meet your custom criteria, please consider our new online stock search tool, includes nearly all of the features of Stock Prospector for Windows, but in an easy-to-use web-based format.

Technical support for Stock Prospector for Windows will end on July 1, 2014. Data for Stock Prospector will continue to be provided to subscribers through the StockCentral or BetterInvesting data services at least through that date.

Tips and resources for users of Stock Prospector

Manuals and Reference Material

  • Stock Prospector User Guide (PDF)
    The complete manual for Stock Prospector in Adobe Acrobat format. (Note: this is the same manual installed on your computer when you install the software.)
  • Data Item Reference Charts (PDF)
    A reference to aid users in identifying each item in Prospector's criteria and report groups.
  • ICLUBcentral provides a monthly Growth Companies to Study list generated by Stock Prospector.
  • The Industry Averages generated by NAIC Stock Prospector help you assess company performance in Part 2 of your Stock Study Guide ("Evaluating Management").


Sample Queries and Reports

  • Growth Companies to Study
    A list generated by ICLUBcentral on a regular basis using Stock Prospector.
  • Industry Averages
    A list generated by ICLUBcentral using Stock Prospector to help you assess company performance in Part 2 of the Stock Selection Guide ("Evaluating Management").
  • User Defined Custom Report Items (Word, 1.9KB)
    At the 2003 Better Investing National Convention, we demonstrated how Jim Thomas had created some custom report items. They are somewhat complex, so Jim has kindly given his permission for us to post them here along with a few extra report items.
  • Here are some additional queries you can download and import into Stock Prospector. These were developed by Doug Gerlach for use in his screening classes given at chapters, CompuFest and the Better Investing National Convention.
    To use them in Stock Prospector, right click on the link below, and then select Save Link As (or Save Target As) and save them to your hard drive. (A good place to save them on your computer is in the Queries directory in your Stock Prospector directory, which is located by default at C:\Program Files\NAIC Software\Stock Prospector\Queries). Then, from Stock Prospector, select File > Import Query File and select the query. Once you have imported the query, be sure to save it in your program by opening the Define Screening Criteria screen and clicking the Save List button at the bottom. You will probably also want to edit the Report items for each query to include more items for each screen.

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