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The Stock Selection Guide has been used by millions of investors over the past 70 years, and has proven to be a consistent and valuable tool in building successful stock portfolios.

This short tutorial does not attempt to provide an in-depth review of the Stock Selection Guide, but an introduction to a method of fundamental analysis that can be used by any individual investor interested in building a long-term portfolio of growth stocks.

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About the Author

Douglas Gerlach is the President of ICLUBcentral Inc., and was a Director on NAIC's Computer Group Advisory Board for nine years. He was the co-creator and Senior Editor of BetterInvesting's website in 1995, and the Founder of, an early independent financial and investing site on the World-Wide Web. His books include BetterInvesting's Computerized Investing & The Internet. Investment Clubs for Dummies, The Armchair Millionaire, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Investing, and The Investor's Web Guide: Tools & Strategies for Building Your Portfolio. He also contributed to O'Reilly's Online Investing Hacks by Bonnie Biafore, published in 2004. Gerlach's books are written in easily understandable terms, and are intended to help both novice computer users and novice investors to develop a strategy for using the power of the Internet to build a portfolio.

His articles have been published in Individual Investor, Better Investing, BITS, PC World, ComputerLife, Mutual Funds, and many other publications.

He frequently speaks at BetterInvesting events, both nationally and locally, as well as at investing conferences and with financial and computer media.

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